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Er det første gang du prøver de skandinaviske p2p kanalene,
 må du laste ned og installere en plugin som inneholder drivere for TvNooplayeren.

Installassjon og feilsøking


A p2p streaming service.
Based on TvKoo - The enhanced streaming 

The TvNoo mediaplayer on the Scandinavian site, uses a p2p streaming protocol, it means that you transmit the same amount of data as you receive.

If you don't have a broadband line-in and out on at least 1Mbps please don't use this service. Your lack of bandwidth will destroy the performance for other users .

Never upload or download files when using this service.

If you can't recieve the broadcast, then maybe you need to :

  • Download and run the "TvNoo Plugin".

  • Download and install  Windows Media Player 11

  • Remove the firewalls in Windows and in your router.

  • Activate uPnP in Windows and in your router

  • Sorry, but Mac and Linux are not supported yet.


if you still got problems, contact: